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TLC Autospotter™
       TLC Autospotter™ is a semi-automated device used to apply up to 18 samples on a TLC plate at a time. The unit has been designed for use TLC syringes with blunt Teflon tipped needles. These special needles minimize sample “creep back“ and enhance reproducibility.
The syringes also feature Teflon plunger tips to help eliminate the problem of metal-to-glass contamination. Syringes are available in 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250?L volumes.
        The device can apply samples at variable rates ranging from 3min (fastest speed) to 30min (slowest speed.) An intergral heater strip runs beneath the TLC plate at the point of sample delivery to aid in solvent evaporation. By adjusting the delivery rate and temperature of the heater strip, the smallest possible sample zone can be obt

TLC Spotting Guide
     Spotting Guide may be used with plates up to 20x20 cm. The guide rests above the surface of the plate without contacting the adsorbent layer, avoiding damage to the layer. It accurately positions micropipettes and syringes, even when the plate is removed for drying between applications. The metric scale on the Spotting Guide facilitates reading of Rf values. Standard area circles of 3-255mm2 aid in estimating spot sizes.
Drummond® Microcaps
       The Drummond® Microcap gives accurate of ±1% and reproducible TLC plate spotting. Precision bore glass capillary tubes are cut to predetermined length so that each tube will hold a know volume when filled. The tube fills by capillary action and is dispensed completely by squeezing the dispenser bulb. Bulb is included with the unit
Drummond® Wiretrol Micropipettes
       • Provides the accuracy and high speed action.
       • Unique combination of a disposable precision bore calibrated micropipet and a stainless steel plunger.
       • Accept both high and low viscosity liquids.
Disposable Glass Micropipettes
     • For rapid qualitative sample application on TLC plates.
     • Thick walls, strong and easy to handle.
     • 3 inches length, capacity 2-8
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