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Separates Common Anions and Strongly Retained Hydrophobic Anions
Compatible with common mobile hasesSeparates weak organic acids anions
Hydrophilic Packing for Maximum Efficiency
Ideal for Gradient Separations with Carbonate/Bicarbonate Mobile Phases

       VertiSepAnion AX2 column is packed with hydrophilic copolymer with quaternary ammonium functional groups providing symmetrical peak shapes for all anions by Suppressed IC.

       VertiSepAnion AX2 column is ideal for routine common anions analysis and for determining other strongly retained hydrophobic anions such as iodide, thiosulfate, and thiocyanate. Carbonate/bicarbonate gradients offer a powerful tool for separating anions that have a wide range of affinities for the column.

       VertiSepAnion AX2 column can also be used to determine weak organic anions such as acetate and formate without the interference from fluoride and chloride.

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