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High purity silica for high stability, efficiency, and reproducibility
Smal pore size and surface area, perfect for general purpose and method development
Fully endcapped to improve peak symmetry
Polymeric bonding offerring high stability at pH range 1.5 - 10 and longer column lifetime
Direct replacement to Waters® Spherisorb® and Agilent® Zorbax® Eclipse XDB

     VertiSep™ SPS packings are high purity silica which contains less amounts of metal ions and sulfate contaminants offerrring high stability, efficiency, column-to-column reproducibility.

     VertiSep™ SPS packings are small pore size and surface area proving general purpose separations of variety of smale compounds and also method developement.

     VertiSep™ SPS reverse phase packings are fully endcapped and shows selectivity as conventional C18 phases.

     VertiSep™ SPS packings are polymeric bonding resulting high stability at pH 1.5-10.0* and longer column lifetime.


     VertiSep™ SPS packings provide the results indicated comparable capacity, selectivity efficiency and peak symmetry when compared to Waters® Spherisorb® and Agilent® Zorbax® Eclipse XDB. Almost methods developed on those can be transfered to VertiSep™ SPS, even for USP applications.

     VertiSep™ SPS packings are manufactured to minimize lot-tolot variation with a strict QC program to ensure excellent column-tocolumn reproducibility.

     VertiSep™ SPS packings are guaranteed separations of your samples will be comparable to separations with Waters® Spherisorb® or Agilent® Zorbax® Eclipse XDB columns. If VertiSep™ SPS does not meet your satisfaction, send in comparative data within 45 days and keep VertiSep™ SPS column for FREE.

     VertiSep™ SPS are manufactured by statistic process control of silica synthesis, bonding and column packing. The reproducible column packing method control provides exceptional efficiency, symmetry and reproducible capacity factor.

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