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High Purity Silica Gel for Increased Sensitivity
Narrow Particle Size Distribution for faster Separations and Improved Resolution
Plate formats are available as Prescored, Prechanneled and Preadsorbent
Plate sizes are available in 20x20cm, 10x20cm and 5x20cm
Soft-layer Gypsum binder
Adsorbents are available with or without Fluorescent Indicator

    S-G, VertiPlate™ Soft-layer TLC plates are the kind of most widley used when recovery of the separated compounds is desirable. No organic substances have been added to these products. They are compatible with all organic solvents except solvent containing greather than 20% water.

     PS, Prescored plates are an economical alternative to having many different size plates. Prescored 20x20cm plate has 3 score markes 5cm apart. Plates can be easily snapped apart to provide four 5x20cm plates. Prescored 10x20cm plate provides four 2.5x10cm plates.

     PC, Prechanneled plates help prevent cross contamination by separating multiple samples. More sample can be separated on a plate and the spot zones can be determined more readility. Prechanneled 20x20cm plates have 19 channels. Prechanneled 10x20cm plates have 9 channels. Prechanneled 5x20cm plates have 4 channels.

     PA, Preadsorbent plates have a nonadsorbent layer at the bottom of the plate. This band of innert material reshapes and concentrates the spots into narrow bands which improve separation. It allows the loading of large volumes of sample without loss of resolution.

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