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2mL Filter Tubes
     For up to 850µL sample volumes
     Polypropylene housings
     Quickly and easily clarify small sample volumes with 2mL centrifuge filter tubes. These devices fit in any standard microcentrifuge, and allow to process multiple samples simultaneously. Less than 5?L hold-up volume provides near quantitative volumetric recovery. Maximum G-Force: 10,000xG. 2mL centrifuge filter tubes include glass prefilters.

50mL Filter Tubes
     For up to 25mL sample volumes
     Polypropylene housings
     Used with fixed angle rotor centrifuge
     50 centrifuge filter tubes remove particulates from larger sample sizes with any centrifuge that holds 50mL conical tubes. They should only be used with a fixed-angle rotor centrifuge to prevent premature clogging of the membrane. Maximum operating temperature: 50? C. Maximum G-force: 2,500xG.

Forensic Filter Tubes
     600µL Capacity
     Extracts fluids from cloth samples
     Polypropylene housing
     The 1.4mm mesh acts as a sieve to retain cloth samples and pass fluids to the receiver tube.
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