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     Inlet seals are gold-plated and stainless steel c for the Agilent 7890/6890/68500 GC systems. Two different types are available Splitless Single Groove and Split Double Groove (Cross), for high-flow split applications. Both are supplied with washers.

     Inlet seals should be changed often because they come in contact with the sample. You will want to prevent absorption of active compounds and the buildup of sample residue and septum fragments on the disc surface.

     By using inlet seals, oxygen is unable to pass into the carrier gas, which will increase the capillary column lifetime. Inlet seals also reduce detector noise of high-sensitivity detectors. We recommend using the gold-plated inlet seal to reduce the absorption of active compounds. Also, the gold-plated inlet seal is ideal for Mass Spec, trace level analyses and for use in toxicology and drugs of abuse labs.

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