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Upchurch One-Piece Fittings
Upchurch Scientific®'s original One-Piece Fingertight Fittings have 10-32 threads and are designed to be used with 1/16 OD tubing,
Works with all 1/16 OD Tubing and female 10-32 ports

Finger tight without tools

PEEK and Kel-F are chemically inert and biocompatible
PEEK, pressure rated to 6,000 psi
Kel-F, pressure rated to 4,000 psi

SieLC One-Piece Fittings

Aluminum construction is price savings.

Strong anodized aluminum thread allows many more use-cycles

Finger-tight installation. PEEK tip installs permanently and cannot be lost during installation

Pressure rating over 5,000 psi, suitable for ultra-fast chromatography applications
Several color options, including red, black, blue, gold, and gray.
Break-resistant when a normal column is
accidentally dropped with the fitting in, the PEEK fitting usually breaks, leaving hard-to-remove pieces inside the column. Aluminum can bend but it won't break, and thus it can be simply replaced with another fitting, saving the expensive column.
SieLC UHP One-Piece Fittings

Strong stainless steel thread allows many more usecycles than a one-piece PEEK design

Finger-tight installation. PEEK tip installs permanently and cannot be lost. Pressure rating up to 14,000psi

One-size-fits-most applications, including columns, valves, and instrument ports.

Improves heat transfer
Special capillary tube gripping mechanism allows strong holding effect of the tube, even with very gentle tightening forces. Patent-pending design.
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