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"Make-Before-Break” (MBB) switching for uninterrupted flow


A front-end pressure screw – for easy seal adjustment


Wide port angles – for improved access to fittings

Internal position sensing switch – (“i” version)
Capability of reproducible 2µL sample injection with a 2µL internal sample loop
Inject from 1µL to 5mL

      These valves feature the new Make-Before-Break system, which prevents flow interruptions while switching. This protects any columns, detectors, or pumps which might be affected by flow or pressure fluctuations.

      The 7725 and 7725i are capable of injecting volumes of 1µL to 5mL with high precision. The 7725i features a built-in positionsensing switch, providing the chromatograph with a reproducible start signal. The 7725 and 7725i come with a 20µL sample loop. Other loops are available including a 2µL internal sample loop, providing greater versatility in your sample size.

      The 9725, 9725i are biocompatible versions of the 7725 and 7725i injectors. Wetted materials are PEEK and Tefzel®, making it ideal for applications requiring a biocompatible or metal-free flow path. A 20µL PEEK sample loop is included. Also available is the Suction Needle Adaptor which eliminates exposure of the sample to the metal of a syringe needle.

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