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          Tenax® -TA is a porous polymer based on 2,6-Diphenyl-p-phenylene Oxide. Tenax® -TA is a low bleeding material with a very low level of impurities. Tenax® -TA can be used as both a column packing material and as a trapping adsorbent for organic volatile and semi-volatile compounds. Both the EPA and NIOSH specify the use of Tenax® in their standard methods. Tenax® is particularly useful for the analysis of high boiling compounds such as alcohols, polyethylene glycols, diols, phenols, monoamines and diamines, ethanolamines, aldehydes, ketones and chlorinated aromatics. Surface area is 35m2/g. Density is 0.25g/cc. Maximum temperature limit is 350oC.

          Tenax®-GR contains 23% graphitized carbon as an integral part of the material. The resulting material gives higher break-through volumes for most materials, yet is less water retentive than Tenax®-TA. This makes it an ideal material for the preparation of adsorbent traps. When using this material for packing GC columns, better peak symmetry is observed. Surface area is 24.1m2/g. Density is 0.55g/cc. Maximum temperature limit is 350oC.

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