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Excellent capacity and efficiency in one cartridge
Improves 99.995% gas purity to 99.9995% purity
Visible indicators for both oxygen and moisture
Expected life of more than one year in typical use with up to 4 GCs

      The Advanced Filter System provides very high capacity with visual indicators in a single system capable of removing oxygen, moisture and hydrocarbon to low ppb levels. It consists of a single aluminum cartridge containing high-capacity adsorbent and a sightglass with visual indicators for moisture and oxygen.

      The cartridge design features double seals at all joints, and a sealed polycarbonate shield provides protection in the event of sight-glass breakage. A stainless-steel manifold with check valves to protect the gas lines from exposure during cartridge changes is included, with hardware for bench or wall mounting. Cartridges are designed to be reconditioned when they are depleted, and used cartridges can be exchanged for reconditioned cartridges upon depletion.
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