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High performance plates provide high resolution and faster Separations in less than 5min
5um High Purity Silica Gel
Thinner layer optimized for nanolitre samples
Smooth adsorbent surface, ideal for noise free HPTLC scanning
Adsorbent available in reversed phase, cyano and amino bonded-silica
Prescored formats are available

     VertiPlate™ HPTLC plates with bonded-silca are available with Hard-layer organic binder. Organic binder has little effect on the separation characteristics of the sorbent but most durable silica gel plates. These plates allow use of 80% water in the solvent system. They are used to avoid the problems of binder interference but cannot be used for visualization.

     VertiPlate™ HPTLC plates with reversed phase bonded-silca are 3 types: C18, C8 and C2. They are used to separated both polar and non-polar compounds by adjusting the solvent system.

     VertiPlate™ HPTLC plates with cyano bonded-silica are moderately polar for both normal and reversed phase systems.

     VertiPlate™ HPTLC plates with amino bonded-silica are weak basic anion exchange characteristics with special selectivity for charged compounds.

     Prescored plates are an economical alternative to having many different size plates. Prescored 20x20cm plate has 3 score markes 5cm apart. Plates can be easily snapped apart to provide four 5x20cm plates. Prescored 10x20cm plate provides eight 2.5x10cm plates.

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