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Upchurch® Bottle Caps

      Bottle caps are manufactured of inert Tefzel® and polypropylene. They fit standard GL-45 or smaller-neck GL-38 glass bottles.
      Each cap has three holes. With two of the holes you simply push your tubing straight through.  The third hole, with a luer taper, can be used for a number of options. Any male luer will fit snugly in this hole, or you can use our 05AF-2121 or 05AF-2131 Plug.

Omnifit® Bottle Caps

      Omnifit® bottle caps are made from a single PTFE block built into a Polypropylene threaded cap. The anti-twist design enables the central block to turn independently when the cap is being connected onto the bottle. This prevents tubing from being twisted and tangled. The 1/4-28 ports have non-wetted stainless steel threaded inserts to ensure an accurate, reliable connection time and time again. Omnifit caps are available with or without Kel-F® turn-key valves which provides a completely closed system whenever necessary.
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