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Flexible to meet changing needs


Several options are available for connecting the valves


Commands can be sent to the MX Series II valves

Can be controlled remotely or operated manually using the pushbutton front panel with LED position indicator

      Rheodyne® Model 7000 HPLC Switching Valves offer an endless variety of ways to simplify switching and injecting. A flat polymer rotor with connecting flow passages bears against a stator under spring pressure sufficient to hold leak-tight at 7,000psig. Standard valves are supplied with 0.024" internal flow passages and are suitable for use with analytical and semi-preparative applications. Large bore valves with 0.040" internal flow passages are available for use at high flow rates (greater than 50mL/min).

      A spring detent mechanism included in the 6-position selection valve permits full circle rotation in either direction and ensures that the rotor “falls into” each of the six positions at the precise 60o spacing.

      Typical applications include two column selection, pre-column backflushing, column programing, column backflushing, tandem five columns selection.

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