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Pre-Purified Porous Polymers for GC
Less Bleed and Shrinkage than Other Porous Polymers
     HayeSep® manufactures polymers with guaranteed consistent batch to batch performance, no shrinkage and minimum bleed. These polymers are thoroughly cleaned and conditioned to 200oC (165oC for N and T) under oxygen-free nitrogen before packaging.

     Several HayeSep® polymers were developed to solve specific separation problems. These include the room temperature separation of N2, O2, Ar and CO with HayeSep® A; ppm H2O in the presence of HCl, Cl2 etc. with HayeSep® R; and many others. The HayeSep® D series better separates the fixed gases to the C2 hydrocarbons. Small differences in pore sizes between the members of this series can make dramatic differences in the separations.
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