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Kromasil® Chiral AmyCoat™
Polysaccharide-based chiral HPLC phases for better performance
The silica is based on an in-house developed matrix and coated with tris-(3,5-dimethylphenyl) carbamoyl amylose
Better results and fast results
High resolution with excellent selectivity.
No pressure limits and stable performance
Short equilibration time .

    Better results
        Kromasil AmyCoat with 3μm particle size enables a higher plate count and resolution for analytical chromatography. Combined with great selectivity, this facilitates the separation of the enantiomers.

    Fast results
        Not only you can get better results with Kromasil AmyCoat, you also get them faster. Thanks to a product characteristic like the absence of pressure limits, you can run analytical chromatography at very high flow rates and save time.

    Excellent selectivity
        The high selectivity and 3μm particles are also important factors in speeding up the method. You achieve an improved resolution, which, in turn, allows a higher flow rate.

    No pressure limits
        Kromasil AmyCoat withstands flow rates equivalent to pressures up to 400 bar which is about the limit for the HPLC system itself. This makes it possible to run analytical chromatography a lot faster.

    Stable performance
        From a stability perspective, you can run Kromasil AmyCoat using compatible normal, polar organic and reversed mobile phases. Switching between compatible normal to polar organic mobile phases will not lead to any degradation in performance, no need for solvent dedicated columns.

    Short equilibration time
        Column equilibration is a time-consuming activity when running chiral chromatography. Higher flow rates allow Kromasil AmyCoat to show substantially shorter equilibration times than other coated phases on the market.

        In general, long equilibration times are most pronounced when switching mobile phases containing basic additives to acidic additives or the other way around. The test with a Kromasil AmyCoatt 3 μm column switching between two compatible mobile phases shows how short equilibration times you can get. There are also two tests illustrating short equilibration times and additive switch for Kromasil AmyCoat with absolutely no sign of memory effects.
    Applications for AmyCoat
        Typical applications include:


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