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HPLC Columns
VertiSep HPLC Columns

VertiSep Integral
Ultra-high Resolution & Faster separation with
Core-shell technolohy

VertiSep pHendure
Hybrid organic-inorganic particle based packings

Kromasil® Chiral
Polysaccharide-based chiral HPLC phases
for better performance & excellent selectivity
     Kromasil® AmyCoat
     Kromasil® CelluCoat

Ultron® ES Chiral
Protein-based & Cyclodextrin-based chiral HPLC
phases for better performance
     Ultron® ES-OVM
     Ultron® ES-CD
      Ultron® ES-PhCD

VertiSep™ UPS
Ultra performance silica columns-The top series

VertiSep™ AQS
Reversed-phase columns for use with 100% aqueous mobile phases

VertiSep™ HCS
Highest carbon loading silica columns for high
resolution applications

VertiSep™ BDS
Base-deactivated silica columns-the alternative to
Hypersil® BDS

VertiSep™ EPS
High Purity base-deactivated silica for
sharp symmetrical peaks

VertiSep™ GES
General purpose, economical columns

VertiSep™ BIO
Special packings for peptides, proteins and life
science application

VertiSep™ IRS
Irregular silica columns - the alternative to
Waters® BondapakTM

VertiSep™ MMS
Multifuctional silica based columns for specific
application and recommend by USP

VertiSep™ SPS
The alternative to Waters spherisob? with similar

VertiSep™ SUGAR
Polymer-based packings for sugar or
carbohydrate applications

VertiSep™ OA
Polymer-based packings for organic acids by
ion exclusion chromatography

VertiSep™ PRP
Polymer-based packings for applications at
pH from 1-14

VertiSep™ IC
Anion column for strong anions, weak anions,
oxyhalides Cation column for separate mono- and
divalent cations
     VertiSep™ Anion AX1
     VertiSep™ Anion AX2
      VertiSep™ Anion AX300
      VertiSep™ Cation CX1
High putity packing
materials for lowest bleed

Validated phase bonding
and packing method for
optimized column-to-column
performanace and

Individually tested to ensure

Includes Certificate of

Full Application support

45 days Warranty

      VertiSep HPLC Columns

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