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Ultra-high degassing efficiency


Low volume, easy to prime

Eliminates baseline fluctuations

Up to 4 Channels
Inert flow path
4 years warranty

     The Vertical® Stand Alone vacuum degassing system for HPLC is a high efficiency in line module that removes dissolved gasses from HPLC mobile phases. Its unique design assures reliable continuous operation and the highest level of continuous performance available without the need for helium degassing. Up to four solvent lines may be degassed simultaneously by one unit.
Built-in Test Diagnostics
     Microcontroller self-test vacuum sensor validation power-up Continuous vacuum system monitoring to ensure optimum operational conditions are maintained Vacuum system fault detection and shutdown function indicators

Teflon AF Membrane
     Flow-through vacuum degassing chamber with a single amorphous perfluorinated copolymer degassing membrane (Teflon AF), enabling degassing efficiency 50 times that of PTFE.

Continueous Run Vacuum Pump
     Continueous Run Vacuum Pump employs a closed-loop, microstepping RPM control strategy permitting the pump to run with continuously variable speed, providing quick pull-down at high RPM, and then sustaining a consistent vacuum level at low RPM.
     Fluctuations in detector baseline due to changes in vacuum level are eliminated by not having to repeatedly stop and start a singlespeed pump. This also greatly reduces wear and noise.

Validation Output
     The validation output records vacuum level to compile ISO and system validation requirement.

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