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Sample Range 100µL to 20mL
Flow rates from 10 to 800mL/min; Pressures to 5,000psig
Available in PEEK or SS
Uses 16 guage Needle
1.0mm (0.04") Flow Pressure

      These injectors are used with preparative HPLC columns from 1 to 10cm diameter. They have the ease of use and versatility of Rheodyne’s analytical-scale sample injectors, plus the capacity for large sample volumes and flow rates.

      The Model 3725 Valves are available in SS or PEEK, and with a built-in position sensing switch (Model 3725i-038 or 3725i). Each model is supplied with a 10mL loop and 1/8" fittings must be used. An optional port adaptor can be used to connect 1/16" tubing.

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