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TLC Reagent Sprayers
       Reagent Sprayers provide uniform spray mist of visualization reagents. They are made from borosilicate glass.The connection between the sprayer head and the flask is made with a special screw thread ground joint, connecting cap and loosening ring. Connecting cap can be unscrewed to loosen the ground joint if it “freezes” from reagent crystallization or residue build-up.

Sprayer Stands
     Stainless steel sprayer stand with size of 7.5x2.75" holds plate in proper position for spraying. Polypropylene sprayer stand ideal for use in fume hood.
Desiccating Cabinet
       Featuring a carrying handle, this 20 gauge stainless steel cabinet has a removable desiccant tray and gasketed door with positive lock door latch. This unit holds a stainless steel drying rack, (not supplied with unit). Cabinet measures 25x25x30cm(DxWxH)
Plate Drying Rack
       Plate dring rack is made from stainless steel with a carrying handle and backstop to prevent plate from falling out. Unit holds up to ten 20x20cm plates or equivalent number of narrower plates.
UV Viewing Cabinet
     Spectroline® UV viewing cabinet accommodates TLC plates up to 20x20cm and any of 4 watt or 6 watt UV lamps. Cabinet has a flexible, contoured viewer for built-in UV-absorbing window, easyaccess felt curtains, and removable bottoms for placement over transilluminators for greater intensity and contrast. Cabinets are Lightweight, aluminum construction and transportable with dimesion of 9?12?6.5”(W?L?H).
UV Lamps
     Spectroline® E-series SW-LW lamps provide combination of short wavelength at 254nm and long wavelength at 365nm. A corrosionresistant, specular-aluminum reflector optimizes UV irradiance. Lamp comes includes a filter glass for higher initial UV transmission and maximum resistance to solarization. The chice of 4W, 6W and 8W allow selection of lamp intensity and applications.
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