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Rectangular TLC Tanks
       These Rectangular TLC Tanks are Heavy duty, molded, clear glass block with flat surface walls. The top has been ground to a uniform flatness for perfect lid fit. In addition the edges have been beveled inside and out to remove any sharp edges. There is a raised ridge on the center of the inside walls. Lids are polished glass in sizes to match the tank dimensions. Tank is supplied complete with lid.
       Thinline Tank for 10x10cm Plates are 12x6.4x11.5cm(WxDxH)
       Standard Tank for 10x10cm Plates are 12x8.6x11.5cm(WxDxH)
       Standard Tank for 10x20cm Plates are 27x7x13cm(WxDxH)
       Standard Tank for 20x20cm Plates are 27x7x26cm(WxDxH)

Latch-lid Chromatotank
     Latch-Lid units are heavy duty, molded TLC developing tank for use with plates up to 20x20 cm. The unique latching system holds the matching ground surfaces of the lid and tank firmly in place, enhancing stability of the saturated atmosphere for the developing TLC plates. Glass tank features flat ground tops, inner and outer rims beveled for safety.
Development Racks
       SS Plate support rack holds plate in proper position. Teflon coated
multi-plate TLC racks hold simultaneous development of up to six
TLC plates.
Roung Developing Jars
       Round developing tanks require ninimal solvent use. It consists of a borosilicate glass with flat bottom round developing tank and a press-on lid. Three sizes are available 5x20cm plates, 5x10cm plates, and 10x20cm plates. Side Port Chromatojar has a side port for removal or addition of solvents while maintaining appropriate atmosphere.
Saturation pads
     Saturation pads are made from textured paper providing greater surface to assist in rapid vapor saturation of a TLC chamber air space. This improves Rf reproducibility and reduce “edge affect” on separations. Available in 10x10cm, 10x20cm and 20x20cm.
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