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Full endcapping
Ultimate protein and peptide application column
Acidic and alkalic resistance for long lifetime
4 Phases: C30, C18, C8, and C4 chemistries
3mm, 5mm, 10mm particle sizes

     VertiSep™ BIO packings are ultra-high purity spherical silica, full endcapping providing separation or purification of high molecular weight compounds like protein and peptide.

     Because of the significant improvement of acidic and alkalic resistance, it can be use for extened period of time in acidic mobile phase condition and rinsed for recover with NaOH containing buffer. There are 4 phases: C30, C18, C8 and C4 and 3 particle sizes: 3µm, 5µm, 10µm particle sizes.

     VertiSep™ BIO are manufactured by statistic process control of silica synthesis, bonding and column packing. The reproducible column packing method control provides exceptional efficiency, symmetry and reproducible capacity factor




     VertiSep™ BIO C30 are ideal for the separation of large molecules such as proteins and peptides, especially isomers in the carotenoid family of long chain molecules. VertiSep™ BIO C30 are a great equivalent to YMC C30 and are interchangeable with them for many applications.

     VertiSep™ BIO C18 are ideal for the separation of high molecular weight peptides and oligonucleic acids. VertiSep™ BIO C18 are designed for biopharmaceutical, biochemical and environmental applications and for separation of food compounds as well.

     VertiSep™ BIO C8 have moderate hydrophobicity make them useful for separating compounds or samples in cases where separation optimization is difficult to achieve using C18 with relatively high hydrophobicity. VertiSep™ BIO C8 are used to separate many classes of compounds including pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals and biologicals.

     VertiSep™ BIO C4 stationary phase surface hydrophobicity is lower than both C18 and C8. VertiSep™ BIO C4 achieve better separation than C18 or C8 for some type of samples. VertiSep™ BIO C4 effectively resolve many classes of proteins and biopolymers.



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