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Solvent Filtration Apparatus
     Made of 100% borosilicate glass
     Ideal for vacuum filtration of liquids and degassing of HPLC solvent and degassing
     Liquids come in contact only with borosilicate glass, assure resistance to even the most aggressive solvents.
     Support base design has integral vacuum connection located above filtrate drip to prevent contamination of vacuum line with droplets.
     Includes glass reservoir, funnel, support base with joint 40/35, and aluminium clamp.

Vacuum/Pressure Pump
     Oiless operation
     Motor mounted
     Rugged constrction/ low maintenance
     Oiless operation reduce the risk of sample contamination from oil, dust and helps maintain a clean laboratory environment in which to produce reliable, reproducible data every time.
     Free-air capacities up to 1.0 cfm (28.3 L/min). Shaded-pole fancooled motor has thermal overload switch to protect your pump system. Includes gauges, regulators, and valves, and tube.
     Ideal addition to any busy laboratory that requires a vacuum and/ or pressure source for various applications.

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