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High Purity Silica Gel for Increased Sensitivity
Narrow Particle Size Distribution for faster Separations and Improved Resolution
Plate formats are available as Prescored, Prechanneled and Preadsorbent
Plate sizes are available in 20x20cm, 10x20cm and 5x20cm
Hard-layer organic binder enhanced abrasion resistance and compatible with organic solvents
Adsorbents are available with or without Fluorescent Indicator

     VertiPlate™ Specialty Silica TLC plates are used for special applications.

     S, Binder Free Silica contain niether inorganic nor organic binders. They are best for inorganic TLC. Activates plates at 110oC for 30min before use. A few eluents will cause the adsorbent to separate slightly from the plate in the submerged part of the layer.

     S-NaOH-G, Silica modified with 0.1N Sodium Hydroxide TLC plates increase basicity of plates to improve separation of organometallics or some acidic compounds.

     S-AGNO3, Silica impregnated with 10% Silver Nitrate TLC plates permit increased discrimination of certain compounds, particularly those containing carbon-carbon double bonds. More double or triple bonds (unsaturation) give lower Rf values. The product is light sensitive and should be stored in the dark. Activated plates at 110°C for 60min before use for improved separations.

     S-NHSO4, Silica modified with Ammonium Sulfate TLC plates eliminate the need to use messy sulfuric acid for charring. Just evaporate the developing solvent until the plate is completely dry, then heat at 150-200°C for 30-60min to achieve charring.

     S-MGA, Silica modified with 7.5% Magnesium Acetate TLC plates decreases the acidity of the layer and allows increased discrimination of phospholipids.

     S-KOX, Silica modified with 1% Potassium Oxalate TLC plates acquire a separation characteristic which aids in the discrimination of polyphosphoinositides.

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