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     Vertical Chromatography Co.,Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand is a privately owned company found in 2004. We are dedicated in manufacturing and supplying chromatography products to the chromatography world market.

     Our products include
      HPLC columns and accessories,
      GC columns and accessories,
      TLC plates and accessories,
      Sample extracti on products and accessories,
      Filtration products and accessories,
      Vials and accessories

     With our high quality products, competitive pricing and excellent technical and application support contribute to Vertical® quick growth and the territory was expanded through the global network.

     We can offer a wide range of products to meet your chromatography needs from sample preparation to analysis in variety of fields e.g. pharmaceuticals, foods, drugs, chemicals, petrochemicals, environmental, natural products, biotechnolgy and etc.

     We are also very proud of our full technical or application support and guarantee for customer satisfaction. We are willing to customize our products to meet any specific requirement of our customers.

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